Personality Anaylasis by Favourite Colour


Our favourite colour not only says about our choice but it also reflects our personality. We all are drawn to a particular colour more than other colours because of psychological reasons. That colour’s characteristics are present in our nature that makes that colour more attractive to us.


People with red as their favourite colour are extrovert, optimistic, courageous, confident, action oriented, physically active, ambitious, competitive, achievement orientated and practical. They have grounded attitude and like to be the centre of attention. They have a passion and enthusiasm for life, and are not afraid to pursue their dreams and goals. They are impulsive, impatient, hard worker, aggressive and have a short attention span. They have an over active ego and appear over confident and also have strong need for power and control.


People with orange as their favourite colour are practical, warm, charming, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant. They are friendly and good-natured. They thrive on human social contact and social gatherings. They are inspiring, tolerant, a free spirit but not always loyal in their relationships. They are adventurer, daredevil, full of life, like to take risks but not good at housekeeping. They are impatient, can be indecisive, inconsistent and unpredictable.


People with yellow as their favourite colour are creative, perfectionist, a big analyser, methodical, impulsive, independent and have a small bunch of trusted friends. They  prefer mental work over physical work and don’t like to show their weaknesses. They are spontaneous but don’t like to be crossed in a conversation. They are good in collecting and handling information, good in money making but bad in money handling. They are self-confident but can be stubborn, arrogant, pretentious and snobbish.


People with green as their favourite colour are practical, creative, down-to-earth, kind, generous, nurturing, compassionate, calm and have good leadership qualities. They love to learn and don’t hide their feelings. They are well-mannered with high moral standards. They like to be accepted, appreciated and admired. They are loyal friends and a faithful partner. They are gentle but not passionate. They are strong-willed and independent  but not a risk-taker, rather more of an observer. They are not much generous for money. They are a good listener and can view others problems with empathy, clarity and a balanced analysis. They are generally frank, community-minded people.


People with blue as their favourite colour are conservative, reliable and trustworthy. They are serious, responsible, peace loving, laid back and good at hiding weaknesses. They are balanced when in good mood, and are caring, friendly and socialable only for loved ones. They always put others need first, are rigid, and don’t like much attention. They are quite manipulative, loyal in marriage, emotional, friendly, like to learn, devoted to loved ones.


People with indigo as their favourite colour are honest, compassionate and understanding. They are organised and likes integrity. They are traditional, reliable, love justice and sometimes can be introspective. They are drama creator, alongwith thinker. They are addicted to work. They are initutive and like serving others.


People with purple as their favourite colour are people helper, compassionate, sensitive, gentle and free spirit. They are charming, with dignity, introvert, sometimes look shy, creative, self-stylist, idealist, optimist, impractical, imaginative, dreamer, initutive, psychic, spiritual and a giver. They are secretive and don’t like responsibilities. They like to stand apart and unique. They are visionary, ambitious and a good judge.


People with pink as their favourite colour are friendly, loving, generous and takes care of other’s needs. They are romantic, feminist, sensitive, optimist and always have a youthful appearance. They are a bit shy and reserved. They are usually sweet, calm, refined and non-violent.


People with brown as their favourite colour are confident, spontaneous, reliable and down to earth. They are responsible for their duties and love their family. Quality is important for them. They are loyal, supportive, hardworking and other people affect them a lot. They want loyal partner and don’t like surprises. They like to take control and avoid wasting of anything either time or money.


People with brown as their favourite colour are independent, powerful and strong-willed. They like to take in charge and are not close even with closest friends. They are authoritarian and have fully controlled emotions. They are sometimes insecure, mysterious and may be suppressing their aspirations.


People with brown as their favourite colour are optimistic and like neatness in everything. They have high standards for hygiene. They are wise, self-controlled, sensible, cautious, careful and confident. They are perfectionist, shy and have strong beliefs. Sometimes, inflexible.


People with silver as their favourite colour are spiritual, intuitive and in search of meaning of life. They are creative and have good imagination. They are opportunistic, flexible and like new experiences. They like learning and are good in decision making. They have a good personality with high thinking. They are attractive and romantic.


People with gold as their favourite colour are charming, optimistic, magnetic, spiritual and have a good personality. They are full of compassion and people like their company. They are kind, love luxury, seek material wealth, active and practical along with leadership qualities. They are cheerful, reliable but sometimes have unreal expectations.


People with turquoise as their favourite colour are approachable, compassionate, creative, sensitive and intuitive. They look cool and calm from outside even if there is a chaos inside. They are self-sufficient, have a clear thinking with good management skills and are good at public speaking. They are multi-tasking but can be self-centred and sometimes can appear egoistic.


People with magenta as their favourite colour are imaginative, creative, artistic and like balance. They are cheerful, compassionate, kind and have a supportive nature. They are spiritual, spontaneous, impulsive but at the same time practical. They are free spirited, organised and a little emotionally imbalanced.


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