Daily life hacks to make everyday tasks easier

Life hacks are the tricks that we can use to make our lives easier. We all deal with a lot of problems daily. We can’t end them; but yes, we can deal with them in a smarter way using some little hacks: 

1. No electricity? Don’t worry

bottle with bleach and water


2. Use the spring from a pen to avoid chord breaking




3. Put phone in airplane mode and stop ads while you play




4. Walnut for perfect furniture




5. Dip onions into water after slicing them into halves for 30 seconds to avoid tears




6. Laundry basket to keep toys organised




7. Look at peoples feet to know if they are interested in talking with you




8. Check if a battery is good or bad




9. Little precaution to avoid tooth decay 




10. Paper to hold items  




11. Dental floss for proper cut




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