Pets are those animals which understand our feelings and provide us with a sense of approval. However, we wonder if the same is true for these bleak utopian pets.

1) Crocodiles1

You’ve gotta be slightly concerned about having to muzzle your own pet. Still, some people are willing to keep an animal that would happily bite the hand that feeds them or maybe you can use them to scare the shit out of burglars! Your pet, your choice.

2) Hippopotamus2

Want something fat and healthy which you can ride to show off? Here’s the deal! Even hippos can make good pets under the right circumstances. Retired South African game warden Tonie Joubert keeps a pet hippo called Jessica.

3) Scorpian3

Having a pet that doesn’t like to be handled, and can both sting and pinch you, the scorpion is perfect for you. But Emperor scorpions are such popular pets that they are threatened with extinction in the wild. It might be because they can reach around 8 inches in length and live up to 8 years. Or it might be because they glow blue-green when exposed to UV light. Popular with ravers!

4) Pet Rock4

Got no energy, food, care for the pet. Still want to be a pet owner? Yes! You can pet a rock too and we understand you. It is not such weird. Who got time? Also, to make the matter easy, you can color on them and they won’t resist and they even outlast your life by few million of years. Of course if you will not annihilate it under a road roller.

5) Axolotl – Mexican dog fish5

The Axolotl is a type of Mexican salamander that doesn’t undergo metamorphosis, so the adults retain their gills and remain aquatic. Although critically endangered in the wild, they are kept as pets around much of the world. Fun fact: in Japan they are sold under the name “Wooper Looper.”



6) Llama6

Llamas aren’t just livestock. A Russian bear trainer decided to adopt one as a pet. It lives with him in his apartment, happily snuggles up in the back of his car, and performs with him at children’s parties. At least it’s safer than having a bear around the house.

7) Stick Insect7

With a face like the alien out of Predator, stick insects are hardly the prettiest of pets. But they are popular for children and in schools, though you have to be careful when handling them: some can bite, some have a poisonous spray, and some are very prone to losing their legs. Choose your stick carefully!



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