We have all given exams right? Remember that regular pyromaniac guy who wished to set fire to the copies? Or that one who never allowed you to have your exam in peace, because: Cheating!

Here we are listing the common students that we all seen in exam hall at some point of our lives.

1) First Seater


They always cried why they have to be a first seater according to the seating arrangement of examination. They are mostly backbenchers for whome, god is hurling invectives by making them sit on that cursed bench.

I had been at there once and I totally approve it!

2) Entertainer Guy


He mostly sits somewhere in middle rows and have a grudge on the invigilator. He does all sorts of things to make them go wild on him, not to mention, the process is quite funny actually. They ought to be the best of parents in future. Don’t believe us? Do a research on cool parents and find the correlation.

3) Late Comer


He is tired of life, college, and studies; or maybe he is just drunk. He have a great sense of humour and he takes off as soon as he comes, making him quite an enigmatic guy even for his bench-mate during exams.

4) The Austere Guy


He is prepared for the examination, like a soldier for a battle. He remembers all formulas, all the theory. He is here to rape the concept of taking exam of student like him. He is usually a cool and cute nerd with spectacles.

5) Asker


The guy behind you. He is jack of all cheaters. But jacks are not able to do much in the game, and the same is his case. He bugs you. He tries to pooch the information out of you when the invigilator is not looking. You are sick of this guy, and admit it! You had never been able to write full paper because of this living scum!

6) Gregarious One


He is usually quite during examination and only see faces. Untill..!! He go for restroom and suddenly becomes the ardent of the subject.

Chances are, he set up timing of restroom with some Austere. So that he can get everything right at right time.

7) Chit-Cheater


He is the cunning one. He would be austere if not for his laziness. He would be Sherlock Holmes if not for his sleepiness. One of his hands is always hidden because all the things are written there. He even had sabotaged his bench. All the theory and formulas are there! He did it himself without taking any help.

Chit-chatter is mostly an above average introvert student who is usually good at whatever he pulls.

Yeah! Guessed right! I belong to this category. 🙂



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