14 Signs that a ghost is near

There are many ways by which we can check the presence of something unnatural around us. Ghosts also, like other creatures radiate energy and so, even if they are invisible, they can be felt and detected.

The most popular and scientifically confirmed method is emf (electromotive force) detection. The emf detector is used to detect the electromotive force around us and thus is used to predict the presence of a ghost. The test is carried out by keeping everything constant in the room. Since, no change is been made, the emf of the room should also be constant. But as soon as a ghost enters the room, the emf of the room changes and emf detector shows the presence of something which is radiating energy but is not visible with human eyes.

profi emf meter close

But none carries an emf detector with them all the time. So, we are providing some methods through which you can predict something paranormal around you.


1. Sudden drop in temperature-

It is seen that presence of a ghost results in sudden drop in temperature. The room or the place will start to chill without any external affect.

2. Strange smell-

You will start smelling something. The smell would be concentrated on a single point. Smell type is linked with the type of ghost. Sweet or good smells indicates a good spirit while foul smell like of rotten meat or any other bad smell indicates a bad spirit.

3. Your pets suddenly start acting strange-

Animals senses are more active than humans. It is said that they can feel and see spirits or ghosts around. If present, dogs can start barking pointing some direction.

4. Feeling of someone watching you-

Human brain gets to know if someone is staring. We start to feel uneasy and start looking around searching for the person who is staring at us. You are alone in a room but still you will start to feel that someone is continuously staring you.

5. You feel touched-

You can feel as if someone passed by touching you, or whispering something in your ears.

6. A cold spot in a room-

Not those which are usually present anywhere near a window, door or other opening. The cold spot is concentrated and usually has warm air around it. It’s possible when they are in this “tight” form of energy, that’s when orbs can be caught on film.

7. Goosebumps-

Small hairs on your neck, spine and hands will start to rise.

8. Sometimes, knocking on door or window-

You can hear knocking on your door and windows also. Sometimes, there can be several knocks.

9. Weak body-

Suddenly, you will start to feel weakness.

10. Shadows-

They are unexplained shadows. Sometimes shadow is seen at the corner of the eye.

11. Mood swing-

There will be sudden change in mood. It can be possible that you are reading funny jokes and suddenly you start feeling to cry. You will feel sudden sadness.

12. Unexplained noises-

Like someone is crying, or any sort of sound that is coming from a place where there is no one.


13. Items getting disappeared-

Items that you regularly use will disappear and after some days will reappear at their respective place. (Make sure it isn’t the work of your mum)


14. Uneasiness-

You won’t feel comfortable at that place. Obviously you don’t know why but it’s your sixth sense that is sensing something harmful near you and is warning you to leave that place.


Everything in this universe occurs because of some reason. So, when something happens without a reason, it should not be ignored as it also has a reason. We are just unaware of it but anyway, creatures like gods or ghosts still fall under pseudo science so it’s upto you to believe them.



Have a mole? Let’s see what it says about you

According to Chinese astrology, a mole’s position represents our personality traits and lifestyle. It can also tell about our and future.

Right forehead

Indicates fame, wealth and success in life.





Below eyebrow

Indicates creativity and beauty of person.






Indicates beauty, balance and successful life of person.






Indicates flirty nature and short temper of the person.






Indicates person is attractive





Left- Indicates arrogant person.

Right- Indicates easy money.






Shows person’s strong commitment towards his family





Right-  a sensitive person

Left-  an introvert person






Indicates a good personality4658_16593052964bdc35b1a2366




Indicates that the person has lots of responsibilities and that he hearted for a life of fame and success. It shows a sensible and practical person.






Shows the lazy nature and love of person to enjoy the luxuries of life.






Represents the obstacles in life. It also predicts bankruptcy in future.





Right- a wealthy life

Left- a spendthrift nature






Shows that the person will get lots of opportunities to travel and explore the world.






Represents a person who is brave and a good decision maker.




Bhangarh Fort – The Ghost Town of India


Situated on the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bhangarh, Rajasthan, also called ghost town of India, this fort is declared haunted by the government. It is a small ruined town which is believed to have life once. Something unfortunate happened along with a series of other events which led to the doom of the place within a very short span of time.




A board is put up by The Archaeological Survey of India on the fort gate which says that entry is prohibited in the fort after the sunset and before the sunrise and if rules are violated legal action would be taken. It is said that whoever tried to stay inside the fort after sunset never came back. Locals say that no one dares to build a house with a roof in the vicinity of the fort. The roof collapses shortly after being built. The remnants of some places within the fort are clear indicators of the fort’s prosperity during its good days.




One strange thing about the fort is that its premises has many temples like Hanuman temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Gopinath temple, Mangla Devi Temple, Someshwar temple,  Ganesh Temple and Naveen Temple but still ghosts stay there.

There are many stories regarding which incident led the city to this condition and made it the residence of ghosts but, the most popular and strongly believed legend is that Ratnawati, famed for her beauty all over the kingdom and the neighbouring states, was the princess of Bhangarh. When she turned 18, she started to receive many marriage proposals. A tantric, Singhia, also liked her very much and wanted to marry her. He also knew that their match was not possible. So, he decided to do black magic on the princess. He did black magic on the oil, which her maid was purchasing from the market so that upon touching it, the princess would surrender herself to the magician. But the princess, somehow, got to know about this and she poured the oil on the rock. The rock rolled towards the magician and crushed him. While dying, the magician cursed the Bhangarh that the city will be destroyed and there will be no more rebirths. Also, no soul would be able to live in peace there. After this incident, the curse showed its results in a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh where Ratnawati was assassinated. It is believed that the fort is waiting for Ratnavati and she will take a rebirth somewhere and will return to make Bhangarh free from the curse.




One more story is that the Bhangarh city was built by King Madho Singh. To build his city, he got approval by ascetic Guru Balu Nath who meditated at this place. He got the approval, but on the condition that the shadow of emperor’s palace would never touch him at his prohibited retreat. If shadow touched over his place, the city would be destroyed. The emperor started his fort construction with his money and strength. The Bhangarh fort was constructed with several stories and finally shadowed the prohibited retreat of Guru Balu Nath. Because of psychic power of saint, the entire town was ruined and from then any construction around the crushed location or palace faces collapse. The samadhi of Guru Balu Nath is still there where he was buried.





Why entry is prohibited after sunset and before sunrise?

There are tight restrictions for the timing to be in the premises because there is a rumour that spirits roam in Bhangarh Fort at night. Local people say that they have seen ghostly shadow, strange lights, unusual sound of music and dance coming from the bhangarh fort. Therefore, you have to leave the fort at the given time. It is said that whoever entered in the fort after sunset and stayed there for a night, has never returned back.